Emotion Intervention

Happy Relationships = Happy Life!

The quality of your life is directly related to

the quality of your relationships,

starting by the one that governs all the others,

the relationship with yourself.


Path to love (12 week program)

Create the emotional and energetic space

for the love you really want!

Do you keep attracting relationships that don't work?

Do you feel unlucky in love?

Do you feel intelligent in all areas of your life except in love?

Are you afraid of ending up heart broken again?

If you answered yes to one or more, this is for you

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One on One Coaching Session

Skype or Zoom video sessions


Are you experiencing struggle in your relationship with a person, a problem or a situation?

Experience coaching combined with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)/ Tapping,

Achieve inner shifts  and create different results in your life.               

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Inner journeys for outer results

Inner journeys to create the reality that your heart desires

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Inner Sanctuary to dissolve the blocks Visualization (A place to shift and dissolve the blocks on the way to your heart's desires)

To shift what is holding you back from creating your true desires, you need a safe place to look at yourself from a more neutral point of view and transcend the blocks.

The Inner sanctuary is an inner journey designed to create a safe and loving place in your imagination. A place where you can visit any time you need to rest and feel loved. A sacred place where you can get in contact with your inner wisdom to be guided while bypassing the emotional blockages.

  Inner Sanctuary visualization $7.00