Path To Love!

Find the love you really want!

"I used to be a woman who attracted one dysfunctional relationship after another.

I know how it feels to not only be in pain because of a toxic relationship but to have to deal with the shame and the anger triggered by the comments and the behaviors of the people who love you trying to help as well.

I remember reacting very strongly when one of my friends commented that she didn’t understand how a woman who was very intelligent in all the other areas of her life could you fall for these losers over and over.

I also remember the feeling of loneliness and powerlessness, the fear that, may be, there are no good men left and that I would end up alone.

That’s why I can really relate to women who are going through something similar, so I want to reach out and let them know that there is hope. They can gain more control and become someone who can experience healthy love.


After my last painful relationship ended up really badly, several years ago, I woke up crying in the middle of the night, and I made a promise to myself: I would never go through that again!

I would find out why I was attracting these "dysfunctional  relationships”, or I would stay alone for the rest of my life.

So I went back to deepen my knowledge about subconscious patterns and how to shift them. That changed my life and gave birth to this 12 week program which changed the life of the women I coached."

If you are a woman who has a history of attracting painful and dysfunctional relationships,This 12 week "Path To Love" program will change your life too!

I will personally assist you to
        • Let go of the emotional baggage related to your past relationships so you don't drag it into your future  
        • Identify your blind spots and the reasons why you keep attracting dysfunctional and painful relationships in your life 
        • Replace your unconscious blind spots, which are in conflict with what you really want, with programs that will support your true desires 
        • Increase your self-confidence and self-worth, so you can feel deserving of what yoiu wnat
        • Create a vision for your ideal relationship in a way that will lead to your highest potential for happiness 
        • Give you tools to start dating with a safer and more enjoyable approach, so you can attract the man of your dreams and recognize him. 

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